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Foreign mining the status of the magnetic separation equipment and Analysis

    In recent years, the development of magnetic separation equipment abroad soon, the device scale to large-scale development; formal structure to the diverse development; development of product specifications to the series; control mode program control module circuit and automatic monitoring, and has entered the high-tech fields. Magnetic separation equipment, mineral processing equipment, the scope of its application is beyond the scope of the mining machinery.
Mine magnetic separation equipment, the rapid development of foreign magnetic drum and permanent drum magnetic separator. Dry fine grade electromagnetic separator the sorting indicators instability, environmental pollution and dust control difficulties, fewer applications. Wet fine-grained level electromagnetic separator, due to the complex structure, cooling difficulties, consuming electricity and other reasons rarely use.
A magnetic drum
Foreign main magnetic drum the electromagnetic magnetic drum permanent magnetic drum two categories, the materials, the accuracy and performance of both great progress.
In the large-scale:
The Sidek Krupp company the the electromagnetic magnetic drum EMR16/22, its diameter 1600mm, length of 2200mm.
Produced 西德洪堡韦达 Road MR125220 type magnetic drum diameter 1250mm, 2200mm length.
British 博克斯马格 Rapid Company production the PP3664-type permanent magnetic drum diameter 914mm, length 1626mm.
Ai Lizi company developed the SR-E-type magnetic drum, magnetic system for electromagnetic permanent the composite magnetic Department, its maximum specifications for tube diameter 2433mm, tube length 2438mm.
Improve the field strength, electromagnetic magnetic drum with both copper and aluminum wire wound coils and Class H insulation material, improve the insulation level. Permanent magnet roller using a rare earth alloy magnet, the magnetic field strength increased to 0.2 ~ 0.25T.
2 Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator
Foreign permanent drum magnetic separator, has made great progress in the following areas.
2.1 to achieve large-scale equipment, and improve the handling capacity
Many countries have achieved remarkable success in the development of large-scale permanent drum magnetic separator. Ai Lizi magnetic separator production, a maximum diameter of 1219mm, length 3048mm; Swedish Sarah international companies produced the largest diameter of the separator is 1200mm, length 3000mm, the processing capacity of 500t / h; Finland Cohen Engineering produced ROXON magnetic separator, diameter 1200mm, length 3000mm, handling capacity of 400t / h.
2.2 Applications auxiliary pole, the composite magnetic system and high gradient magnetic system
Ding Gezi magnetic force developed by the company separator, the main magnetic pole is fitted between the auxiliary magnetic pole, the auxiliary magnetic pole of the same polarity as the main magnetic pole, so that the magnetic lines of force of the main magnetic pole extending radially to the cylinder in the auxiliary magnetic poles, eliminating the magnetic flux leakage and increase the depth of the magnetic field and magnetic field strength of the magnetic separator workspace.
The the U.S. Ai Lizi magnetic company developed the auxiliary magnetic pole, is not mounted in the barrel, but is mounted on the tank body, facing the working gap, is fixed in a special movable support plate, can be close to or away from the trough body, so that can be adjusted magnetic field gradient and depth.
France also developed a magnetic system with an auxiliary magnetic pole, the auxiliary magnetic pole is mounted between the main magnetic pole, the circumferential length of the meter, the main magnetic pole and the auxiliary magnetic pole of the ratio of 2:1. The Czech mining equipment plant and Finland Cohen also developed magnetic separator, high gradient magnetic system concentrated in 50mm at the magnetic field from the surface of the cylinder is significantly lower than before, to improve the sub-constituency attract magnetic.
2.3 increase the magnetic field strength, developed adjustable permanent magnetic system
With the magnetic material performance improvement and the application of rare earth permanent magnets, the magnetic flux density of the permanent magnet drum magnetic separator is also improving. Finland Cohen developed by the engineering company ROXON type magnetic separator tube surface magnetic flux density of 0.2T. The Czech mining equipment plant developed MRG series magnetic separator tube surface magnetic flux density 0.24T. Magnetic Separators constituency to increase the strength of the magnetic induction, and contribute to the improvement of the recovery rate, strengthen the recovery of useful minerals.
The foreign magnetic separator device adjustable permanent magnetic system, such as East Japan the concentrator Corporation production TY-6E-2-type magnetic separator, you can change the magnetic flux in the fourth on a magnetic separator tube equipped with density means, the apparatus of the permanent magnet can be changed by a handle operation means of the magnetic flux density of the magnetic separator cylinder.
2.4 strengthen the sorting process, improve the efficiency of the separation. Bulgaria permanent drum magnetic separator in ordinary magnetic separator magnetic separator cylinder below the bottom of the tank is equipped with diaphragm vibrator. Diaphragm vibrator external vibrator diaphragm pulse transfer to the mineral aggregate mineral aggregate to produce the upward and downward movement, destruction of the magnetic group floc separation indexes. Drum magnetic separator developed by Germany, the magnetic system in the cylinder body and the ratchet engages with the rotating cylinder, swing ratchet driven magnetic system. The fan-shaped magnetic board and spring tensioning devices, magnetic separator developed by Russia outside forced the natural frequency of the vibration frequency and spring, form a resonant magnetic system.
Over 2.5 cylinder used in tandem to improve the magnetic separation capacity, in accordance with the requirements of the different beneficiation process, many foreign use multi-cylinder series magnetic separator. Such as East Japan the concentrator Corporation production TY-6E-2-type magnetic separator cylinder series consists of four magnetic separation, a cylinder used rougher second cylinder used The scanning, third, fourth cylinder Featured sand iron ore concentrate grade can reach 57% to 61% magnetite concentrate grade of 60% to 69%.
Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Mitsubishi Metal Mining Co., Ltd., the DA-BW-and DA-3B-type magnetic separator are binoculars and a three-cylinder.
Sidek Krupp company also designed and produced a binocular series magnetic separator. The the magnetic separation function and magnetic separation significantly improve.
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