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The electromagnet technical and application

The electromagnets technology and application points following
     , Electromagnet position is very important in the industry, is a basic appliances, known as "the king of electrical. The magnet iron removal equipment market continues to evolve and competition intensifies, the user not only to the electromagnet and the quality of the iron removal equipment have higher requirements, and the production efficiency also put forward higher requirements. Enrich our product range in order to improve the quality and productivity of the electromagnet and iron removal equipment, improve product awareness of the industry to promote the development of China electromagnet and the iron removal equipment industry to promote domestic and foreign electromagnet with iron removal equipment technology research and application, organizations some activities.
     Second, the electromagnet lifting magnet, electromagnet brake, traction magnet, push-pull solenoid frame solenoids, tubular electromagnet, rotary electromagnet Keep Solenoid, two-way corner electromagnet sucker solenoid, DC wet valve with electromagnets, exchange wet valve with electromagnets, the embroidery machine electromagnet, permanent magnet sucker magnet corner electromagnet, automotive electromagnet, rotating electromagnet, tapping solenoid valve electromagnet the automatic electrical electromagnetic systems, electromagnetic vibrator, and electromagnets used in soft iron, silicon steel sheet, file, iron, jacket, core, coil, rectifier control equipment and solenoids production equipment. Electromagnetic separator, permanent magnetic separator, magnetic separator, magnetic roller, magnetic sieve iron removal equipment, and ancillary equipment, and so on.
     Three electromagnets mainly used in aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, power electronics, coal, mining, power tools, transportation, lifting and transport, household appliances, motors, door locks, textile, game consoles, medical equipment, fitness equipment, office equipment, vending machines, smart toys, building materials, chemical, plastic, glass, ceramic, cement, paper, food, feed, water treatment and other industries manufacturers, operators, professional buyers, overseas traders, institutions of higher learning , research institutes and other related industries.


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