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About Us

 DongYang MAG Magnetics Co.,Ltd is specializing in manufacturing hard Ferrite magnet and developing more advanced magnetic assemblies.
   Now, Disc shape, Ring shape, Block shape, segment magnets, Diametrial magnets ,Anisotropic Wet-pressing series, Isotropic drying-pressing series,and magnetic Assemblies such as book, clasps and therapy magnets etc are our main manufacturing scope.
   In the meantime, We deal with rare earth magnets such as NdFeB,Alnico,SmCo,Soft Core,Iron Core,Flexible magnets and Megnet assemblies .We have set up relation-ship with friends from 30 countries.
   We own high technology, good management , high-grade equipments.
   Our products are being Applied for motor, meter, toys and therapy Health, household, etc. our annual capacity is 5000T. Our idea is “survive by quality, develop by innovation technology, Benefit Customer”.
   We sincerely would like to cooperate with friends from worldwide countries, we are striving to develop magnetic material and will do our best..


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